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Get More Out Of Your Yoga Practice By Following These Top Tips

Get More Out of Your Yoga Practice by Following These Top Tips

If you are new to yoga, chances are you have encountered a lot of articles listing down the cardinal sins you need to avoid if you want to get more out of the practice.

While it can be helpful to some, these lists of don’ts can also intimidate others and might discourage them from trying the practice out for good.

So, rather than focus on what you can’t do, we will instead highlight the things you can do to get more out the practice.

For starters:

Clear your space.

To dramatically benefit from your yoga session, you first need to do one basic thing—get rid of all the distractions that will link you to the outside world.

In other words, at least for the entire duration of your session, you set your worries, cares, and other concerns aside and just be present so you can create a clear path through yourself and into yourself.

Challenge yourself.

Consciously or otherwise, some people have the tendency to create a certain type of ritual when in the yoga studio.

While predictability and comfort comes with certain advantages, you will be surprised how much even the subtlest of shifts in your ritual can do for you and your practice.

In line with this, consider challenging yourself to do new things each time—picking a new spot in the studio, trying out new props, or even trying a new yoga style—and see the effect it will have on your practice.

Do not forego savasana.

When there is no shortage of requests being made on your energy and time, it’s always tempting to just skip the savasana and get on your merry way.

However, savasana is not considered one of the most beneficial yoga poses for nothing.

For starters, savanasa will help you to soak and process the benefits of the practice after spending a good amount of time focusing on breath and going through a series of poses.

In addition, to be able to do more in terms of your relationships and responsibilities, you need to be able to provide a counter balance to stressors and that’s exactly what savasana will give you.

Always listen to your body.

Just like other aspects of life, in yoga, you’ll encounter a lot of people preaching about the safe way, the wrong way, the right way—you get the gist.

To keep yourself from getting sidetracked, consider listening to your body your first (and best!) option.

While it’s unfortunate to note, some practitioners lose interest or become injured when they listen to the instructors more than they do to their own intuition or bodily sensations.

Bear in mind that while yoga is for everybody, not every pose or posture is for everyone as you can’t expect people to have the same shape and alignment.

As a general rule of thumb, even if your yoga teacher has a deep insight and understanding of the practice, you should still consider the signals and sensations your body gives as your primary guide.

Smile and enjoy the practice.

For many, one of the most amazing and therapeutic benefits of a yoga practice is the sense of camaraderie and community that comes with it.

So, the next time you encounter someone at your yoga studio, consider smiling and introducing yourself.

And rather than get all irritated at other practitioners getting in your personal space, challenge yourself to smile the next time you find yourself in a packed yoga studio with very little space.

Undoubtedly, you can help effectively elevate the level of community, energy, and morale in the studio by turning total strangers into friends.



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