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How To Create A Room For Meditation

How to Create a Room for Meditation

With all the hustle and bustle of life, many people forget to care for themselves. There are rooms for every other thing in our lives — cooking, sleeping, watching TV and showering. Why isn’t there a room or a space designated for meditation?

Creating a room for meditation is a great way to connect with your life and spirituality in a deeper way. Here are a few tips for setting up your sacred space for meditation.

Why Is Having a Meditation Room Important to You?

When you’re designing your space, you’ll want to determine why you want to have a meditation room in the first place. What do you want to accomplish in this space? To help, take a look at the following questions:

  • What does spirituality mean to you? It doesn’t have to have a religious association, either. It may be as simple as honoring yourself in the moment.
  • What intention will you set for the space? When you come home after a long day, will you come to your meditation room to achieve a state of inner calm?
  • Will you welcome others into your space? Will your meditation room be a family practice area, where everyone connects with each other?

Make Your Meditation Room Unique to Yourself and Your Intention
Since you want your meditation room to provide a place where you can be calm, you want it to reflect your own personal likes and styles. Ideas you might want to apply to your meditation space are:

  • Make your meditation room personal. Use your personal style to create a room that reflects yourself and the inner state you wish to achieve.
  • A screen makes a room more intimate, personal and relaxed. It’s also a practical idea to divide spaces with different purposes — for example, if your meditation space also happens to be your bedroom or a craft room.
  • Use aromatherapy to evoke the mood you need. Incense and essential oils assist with mood enhancement and spiritual elevation during meditation.
  • Bring nature into your space. Add favorite plants or fresh flowers.
  • Dedicate an area for your favorite books and divination tools.
  • Paint the walls blue or another Earth tone to evoke a sense of calm. On these walls, add inspirational quotes and items that will enhance the mood of your meditation room.
  • Create an altar for your space. The altar should contain personal items and reflect your intention. Utilize statues, candles, bells and elements of nature to personalize your altar. This place of honor will be your focal point for meditation and reflection.

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Consider the Practical Needs of Your Meditation Room                                                      

You want your meditation room to be calming and soothing, yet it needs to be practical, too:

  • If your meditation room contains a door, make sure it is well insulated to regulate the temperature. An old and under-insulated door can cost you 15-20% more on your heating and cooling bills.
  • Avoid harsh overhead lighting. Use candles, bulbs that are closer to natural light, lamps and sconces instead.
  • Use a timer with a natural sound to help you keep track of your meditation time. Discipline is important in maintaining your daily meditation practice.
  • What electronics will you need, if any? Will you be streaming sounds and videos of nature on your TV or computer? Will you need a CD player for your favorite meditation albums?
  • Keep the area simple and clutter-free. You don’t want your meditation space associated with the dread you have of cleaning it. Your sacred room reflects your mindful state. On clutter, Deepak Chopra says: “Chaos is complicated, order is simple.”
  • What about physical space? Your meditation room doesn’t have to be a physical room. It can be the corner of a multi-purpose room. It can also be outside in the garden.
  • Keep your space still and silent. Remind those you live with of the times you will be meditating and to respect this time period as well as the room in which you practice.

Mindfulness Is a Still Place in a Shifting Environment

No matter the size of your home, you can dedicate a space to meditation and mindfulness. The meditation room will enhance your personal practice, spirituality and overall health.

This sacred space is yours to do with as you need. How you decorate the space will probably change, as well as its location. Your intention for the room may change, too, and that’s okay. You will find yourself honoring the changing of the seasons, the changing tides of your life, special occasions and deep times of personal reflection.

Trust your senses and intuitions. Breathe and trust what you create and who you are in the moment.


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