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Why Has Labia Sculpting Become So Popular?

Why Has Labia Sculpting Become So Popular?

7 Benefits of Labia Sculpting:

Labia sculpting, also known as “labiaplasty” is a cosmetic treatment that is becoming more and more popular with each passing year.  During the procedure, the surgeon changes the shape, size and symmetry of the labia as they compare to the rest of the body.

Sometimes, the reasons a woman seeks out the labiaplasty procedure are physical, but a lot of the time it has to do with aesthetics.  Things such as childbirth, sexual activity and regular aging can all change the size and shape of a woman’s labia.  Here are 7 benefits of labia sculpting for you to look over:

1. Less Physical Discomfort

When the labia become large or asymmetrical, the potential for physical discomfort is there.  It’s not uncommon for women to feel pain during sexual activity or having their labia pinched when riding a bike or wearing tight clothing, and labia sculpting can fix that.

2. Improved Body Image

After labia sculpting, everything is in proportion and symmetrical and an improved body image is often soon to follow.  Wearing a bathing suit or being naked in front of a spouse or significant other is suddenly less daunting, and you may even look forward to it.

3. Improved Sexual Function

When the pain is eliminated, pleasure is enhanced and embarrassment is a thing of the past, improved sexual function and a more fulfilling sex life is next.

4. Quick Recovery

A speedy recovery is one benefit that patients of all ages and lifestyles appreciate.  There is typically no overnight stay involved and a couple days off work are all that is necessary.  Within two weeks, any and all sutures dissolve and the recovery is complete.

5. Customized Treatment

Since every patient’s body is different and their personal issues are different, the surgery is often customized to achieve a specific result.  This result is usually discussed with the surgeon during the consultation, and sometimes surgeries like vaginal tightening are added to the labia sculpting procedure for a more complete effect.

6. No Scarring

The nature of the body part and the fact that the incisions are delicate and fine enable the surgeon to make them in the natural folds and creases so they are noticeable at all.  It is truly the patient’s choice if she ever wants anyone to know.

7. Permanent Results

It can’t stop natural aging from taking place, but the results of the labiaplasty surgery are permanent.  This is not a procedure where the patient must come back in six months or a year down the road because the effects have gone away.  The new labia are the new labia and any aging starts from there.


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Allen Harper has been in the health industry since 1990. He has had splendid experiences working in the field of health. He specializes on fat injection treatment and other skin rejuvenation treatments. Born and brought up in Toronto city, Allen Harper completed his graduation in the same field at the university of Western Ontario. For more information, follow him on twitter.


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